Our Impact

Success Story 1: Mina Kishan - Empowered Farmer, Proud Entrepreneur

The Existing problems: In the rural village of Krishnapur, Mina Kisan and her husband, Surya Toppo, faced daunting challenges in their daily lives as farmers. Engaged in daily wage labor and traditional farming, they struggled to make ends meet due to limited economic opportunities. Apart from cultivating paddy, they ventured into vegetable cultivation as a second livelihood source. However, marketing their produce proved to be a major hurdle. The lack of adequate support and guidance hindered their growth, and the prospects of a better life for their nuclear family, which included three children, seemed distant. They yearned for a breakthrough that could uplift their financial situation and open doors to a brighter future.

Our Intervention: The turning point in Mina Kisan and Surya Toppo’s life came when they crossed paths with Gangpur Ventures Private Limited and joined the Shakti Farmer Producer Company Ltd. (FPC). They embraced the silage intervention, which proved to be a game-changer. Equipped with specialized knowledge from rigorous farmer training sessions conducted by KFPCL Field Supervisors, the couple delved into maize cultivation with newfound enthusiasm and expertise. Additionally, Mina Kisan took advantage of the dairy program led by the Mahila Dairy Farmers Producer Company Ltd., further diversifying their income streams. The comprehensive support and guidance provided by our intervention paved the way for their transformation into aspiring entrepreneurs.

Impact on Their Lives: The impact of our intervention in Mina Kisan and Surya Toppo’s lives was nothing short of remarkable. Their income from the previous season skyrocketed to 1.44 Lakhs, providing them with financial stability they had never experienced before. Empowered by their newfound success, the couple invested wisely and purchased a two-wheeler, simplifying transportation and enhancing the marketing of their vegetables and goods. Moreover, they could now afford to give their children a quality education, securing a brighter future for them. As their determination and ambition grew, they set their sights on expanding their agricultural pursuits. With the vision of becoming silage entrepreneurs, they aimed to purchase or lease 5 to 6 acres of fertile land to further boost their income. Mina Kisan’s success story not only made her a role model for other women farmers in the village but also served as a powerful testament to the life-changing impact of our intervention in empowering rural families and building resilient communities.

Success Story 2: Suman Lakra - The Inspirational Silage Entrepreneur

Early Life and Turning Point – Suman Lakra, a 30-year-old dynamic individual, embarked on a transformative journey from being a reverse migrant to becoming an energetic and progressive silage producer in Sundargarh district, Odisha. Originally from the village, Suman had left in search of better livelihood opportunities and migrated to Delhi, where he worked as an office boy in a call center. However, the meager income of Rs. 9,500/- per month was insufficient to lead a decent life in the bustling metro city. The turning point in his life came during a Christmas vacation visit to his village, where he learned about maize silage production. Inspired by the prospects of farming and silage, he underwent an orientation about maize farming-led silage program and decided to return to his roots.

Sustainable Income Source and Major Achievements –Back in his village, Suman Lakra wasted no time in actualizing his vision. He joined hands with other farmers and aggregated a land size of 6 Acres (3.5 Acres of his own and 2.5 Acres on share) for maize cultivation. The debut season yielded fruitful results, with Suman achieving a profitable figure of Rs. 1.65 Lakhs through maize silage intervention. Determined to diversify his income streams, he took a loan from the bank and purchased a tractor, which opened up tractor rental opportunities, adding a handsome income of around 2 lakhs per annum. Encouraged by his growing success, he further invested in a two-wheeler to manage family and personal affairs efficiently, earning him widespread recognition and respect in his village.

Vision and Impact on Others – With his unwavering determination, Suman Lakra envisions expanding his farming outreach to 10 Acres in the upcoming seasons. Not content with personal growth alone, he aspires to mobilize his neighbors and foster collective progress, aiming for a cultivation area of 100 Acres. His dreams extend beyond just farming – Suman envisions establishing his own silage processing unit with the support of fellow villagers. His achievements and relentless pursuit of success have become a source of inspiration for others in the village, encouraging his friends to return from reverse migration and join hands with him in the flourishing farming sector. Not only has he transformed his own life, but he has also uplifted his family’s living standards, ensuring his wife’s education as she pursues a B.E.D course. Suman Lakra’s story serves as a beacon of hope, demonstrating the transformative power of determination, agricultural innovation, and community collaboration.

Success Story 3: Niranjan Lakra - Rising Towards Prosperity through Silage Farming

Niranjan Lakra, a 27-year-old farmer from Sanbarsha village in Kutra block, Sundargarh District, has embraced the transformative potential of silage intervention promoted by Gangpur Ventures through Krushishak FPC. Living with his parents and owning 4 acres of land, Niranjan was previously cultivating paddy on a small portion of his land and earning a modest income from fabrication work, earning Rs. 260/- daily during the working periods.

Early Life and Turning Point : Before associating with the silage program, Niranjan was primarily engaged in paddy cultivation and fabrication work. However, witnessing the success and facilities provided by Krushishak FPC in maize cultivation, he was inspired to join hands with his neighboring farmers who were already involved in maize farming for a few years. Intrigued by the training, capacity-building system, and forward linkage facilities, he decided to initiate maize cultivation as a trial basis in 1.42 acres during the Rabi season of 2019-20. This decision proved to be a turning point as he achieved a harvest quantity of 25,150 Kgs, surpassing the average production. This success empowered his family to earn a gross amount of Rs. 94,312/- during the 120-day crop cycle and set him on a path of sustained success.

Major Achievements and Vision: The remarkable achievements in his debut season motivated Niranjan Lakra to forge a long-lasting partnership with Krushishak FPC. Building on his triumph, Niranjan, along with his mother, now aspires to continue maize cultivation for the upcoming Kharif and Rabi seasons in more than 3 acres of land. Their plot’s advantageous location near the river and ownership of a diesel pump fuel their enthusiasm and determination to achieve new heights and enhance their incomes in the forthcoming seasons. With a clear vision and dedication, Niranjan Lakra is rising towards prosperity and contributing to the agricultural transformation of his village.

Success Story -4 : Saudamini Nayak - Cultivating Prosperity through Silage Farming

The Problem: Saudamini Nayak, a determined farmer from Shankaraposh, Bargaon, Sundargarh, faced several challenges before embarking on her successful journey in silage farming. Initially engaged in growing sunflowers, diverse vegetables, and traditional paddy, the Nayak family struggled with distressing market conditions, resulting in limited earnings from their agricultural produce. Moreover, the lack of sustainable income sources and fluctuating crop prices left them financially vulnerable. These obstacles threatened their hopes for a prosperous livelihood and a brighter future for their nuclear family, which included her husband, one son, and mother-in-law. The absence of adequate support and guidance further compounded their struggles, and they were in dire need of a transformational intervention.

The Intervention: The turning point in Saudamini Nayak’s life came when her husband, Tikeswar Nayak, connected with Diya Dairy Agro Producer Pvt Ltd (DDAPL), a sister concern of Kshamta Foundation. Recognizing the growing demand for cattle fodder, the Nayak family decided to embrace the transformative potential of silage farming. They became progressive producers under Krushishak Farmers Producer Company Ltd (FPCL) and initiated their journey in maize cultivation. With access to specialized training and support provided by Krushishak FPCL, Saudamini and Tikeswar ventured into silage production, leveraging their land and resources to maximize their agricultural potential. This intervention marked the beginning of their remarkable success story, enabling them to create a sustainable income source and empowering them to become role models for their community.

The Impact:  The impact of the silage farming intervention on Saudamini Nayak’s life and her family’s well-being has been truly transformative. The couple’s dedicated efforts and commitment to silage farming earned them the distinction of being the highest producers among all farmers, consistently averaging 18MT per acre. Their earnings significantly increased, and during the Rabi season, they achieved an impressive 124MT from 5 acres, with an average of 24.8MT per acre, resulting in an income of Rs. 4.65 lakhs in just 120 days. This newfound prosperity has empowered them to invest in essential assets, such as bore wells with irrigation channels and fencing, as well as agricultural machinery, further enhancing their productivity and efficiency. Moreover, Saudamini Nayak’s success story has inspired their neighbors and nearby villagers to follow suit and embrace maize farming, creating a ripple effect of positive change in the community. Through the intervention in silage farming, Saudamini Nayak has not only transformed her family’s fortunes but also emerged as an agent of change, driving the agricultural transformation in Sundargarh and providing hope for a brighter future for farmers in the region

Success Story -5 : From Fields to Fortune: Sudhir Sahu's Journey in Bhelwadih, Sundargarh

A Village’s Hidden Gem: In the quiet village of Bhelwadih, nestled amidst the scenic beauty of Sundargarh, Odisha, Sudhir Sahu’s story serves as an inspiring testament to the transformative power of determination, hard work, and the magic of agriculture. With a family of seven to support and only 4 acres of cultivation land at his disposal, Sudhir embarked on a journey that would not only change his family’s fortunes but also uplift the entire community.

Seeds of Ambition: Sudhir Sahu, a dedicated farmer in Bhelwadih, had always dreamed of providing a better life for his family. His journey began as an ordinary farmer, tilling the land and sowing seeds with hope in his heart. However, the turning point in his life came during the Rabi season of 2023, when his dedication and innovative approach to maize cultivation led to a remarkable gross earning of 6.01 lakh rupees. This windfall was a game-changer for Sudhir and his family.

Harvesting Success: One of the most significant milestones in Sudhir’s life was the acquisition of his very own tractor. With the newfound financial stability, he invested wisely and purchased the tractor, which not only simplified his farming tasks but also allowed him to provide custom farming services to other villagers, thereby increasing his income further. His tractor became a symbol of progress not only for him but also for the entire community. But Sudhir’s aspirations did not stop there. He decided to invest in the future of his family by starting the construction of a pucca house. For years, Sudhir’s family had lived in a modest thatched-roof home. With the steady income from maize cultivation and his tractor services, he began building a sturdy, permanent house for his family. This transition from a humble dwelling to a pucca house represented not just an upgrade in their living conditions but also a tangible symbol of Sudhir’s relentless pursuit of a better life.

From Thatched Roof to Solid Walls: Sudhir’s success story had a ripple effect on the entire village. His dedication and hard work inspired many others to explore innovative farming techniques and strive for higher yields. His custom tractor services made farming more efficient and less labor-intensive for others in Bhelwadih. In addition to economic benefits, Sudhir’s journey brought about a sense of hope and optimism within the village. His success became a source of motivation for the younger generation, who saw in him a role model for what determination and resilience could achieve.

A Beacon of Hope for Generations: Sudhir Sahu’s transformation from a simple farmer to a prosperous entrepreneur and homeowner stands as a powerful reminder that, even in the most challenging circumstances, individuals with a strong will and unwavering dedication can overcome obstacles and create a brighter future for themselves and their communities. His impact story continues to inspire and guide generations to come in Bhelwadih, Sundargarh, Odisha, reminding them that with hard work, anything is possible.